Introducing Artistics Natural Bodycare

Here at Spencer Phillips & Co we are passionate about living a sexy, sporty lifestyle and looking good while doing it. We believe that is expressed by the clothes you wear, the activities that you perform and the way you groom your beard. That passion gave birth to our line of all natural products for men. But you let us know that the lady in your life has natural needs too.
Well, behold Artistics Natural Bodycare! 
This line of all natural products is carefully crafted by Rubi D. with the same passion for naturally beautiful skin that we have for a healthy, nourished beard. She sources the highest quality natural ingredients and uses her knowledge as a licensed esthetician to concoct wonderful preparations to sooth and care for your most basic skin care needs. When your skin is at its best, there's no need to cover it up.
Get Naked! with Artistics Natural Bodycare today.